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Business Alignment Reading

Not Getting The Results You Want?

It’s A Misalignment In How You’re Showing Up In Business.

This Session Can Pinpoint What’s Happening On A Whole ‘Nuther Level.

What is alignment? It’s cohesion, or integrity, between you, your business and your brand expression (presence).

If your business messaging or offers are unclear, your brand promise or presence not cohesive or your energy is not aligned with your purpose or how you are showing up in your business, you will not attract your ideal clients.

BUT, when you have alignment, you feel purposeful and there is a feeling of ease and optimism that sloshes all over everything you do. You discover new opportunities, relationships and options to grow yourself and your business.

Very few people can intuitively ‘read’ the integration of your business, your brand and you in a way that makes sense and enables you to take practical action on what you learn. Even if they can tune in, they don’t necessarily know how to translate what they get to a business environment. I do. ;+)

This session will ‘read’ what’s going on in your energy and business so you can understand the circumstances, relationships and opportunities in your world with fresh insight. In turn, such awareness supports you in clarifying your next action steps so you can accelerate your results and feel more freedom.

Now You Can ‘Read’ Your Alignment of Self, Business and Brand!

As a business intuitive, in a virtual 1:1 session by Skype or phone, I will help you see where your business is experiencing distortions caused by a misalignment of purpose, expression or presence.

In about 60 minutes, we can do a lot, like what happened with:
• Steve, who realized that his integrity and attention to detail was not being reflected in his website. Both the messaging and the visuals were bland because he tried to model his mentor. By seeing how to include himself in his own website, he began to develop his brand more powerfully and his website became easier for new clients to navigate.
• Jeanie, who realized her true purpose had been completely left out of her career, began promoting and using her natural gifts and talents to build a business of significance. When she aligned her ability to manifest with what she really wanted and with who, she found her flow opened up and she attracted clients and opportunities from unexpected places.
• Rachelle, who discovered that she was undermining her presence as a leader in her industry and yet, she had defined her industry. By owning her personal power, she is now the premier go-to person in her industry serving Fortune 500 clients, billing top-dollar and booked out often a year in advance for her time.
The list goes on and on.
If you want to accelerate your results to give you more freedom, you need fresh perspective. Our work together can give you that.



    Your to-do list is never-ending and unrewarding. You can’t remember when you felt inspired.


    Things are not going well but you can’t put a finger on it. You keep going with the flow, hoping to get a sign on what should be next.


    You feel trapped in your life, business and relationships. You need a change but don’t know exactly what that would be much less how to do it.


    Things are going well but you know they could be even better. You want to know what you can do to have even more of what you want.

Whichever one of these sounds most like you right now, the good news is I can help you ‘read’ what’s really going on in your business. The point is to give you clarity, perspective and a way to take action so you can accelerate your results and feel more freedom.


This session can help you get what you want and compresses the time between where you are and where you want to be in your business.

As an intuitive with deep business knowledge, I connect into your energy. Then I ‘read’ and translate what you’re bringing in, experiencing and trying to resolve through your business.

Just like you can read the words on this page or a psychic can see auras, I can see the energy between you and your business. I can see how you’re showing up and what your business expression (aka, brand) is and how it’s attracting (or repelling) clients.

During our time together, we’ll look at your website and marketing materials, brand presence and explore what’s authentic and passionate for you in your business.

We will pull out the most important things to talk about and, as we do, something powerful happens – your greatest need is what gets addressed, no matter where we start the process.

The bottom line: I read your energy in your business. using my intuitive gifts to see misalignment(s) and make recommendations on adjustments and actions that can be complete game-changers.

Since 1998, every client has left this type of session with an a-ha or breakthrough but know that I stand behind my work if you are somehow the first person to have a non-breakthrough experience.

This virtual (Skype, Zoom or phone) session is $399.


I am focused on getting fast, practical results. After working with thousands of clients for 19 years in hundreds of businesses all over the world, I know how to assess and articulate what is needed for you to get results.

I quickly get insights in a way that I’m able to share in a practical way. My intention is to give you as much as I possibly can in this session. To do that, we will focus on finding the source(s) of misalignment so that you have a focused outcome with practical action steps.

The end goal is to make sure you know what you want for your business and your brand, are aware of your own potential and are aligned with having the vision you have for your life and business for accelerated results.

It’s really that simple.

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A Few Words About You…

You are intelligent, visionary and apply what you learn as quickly as reasonably possible. You have done the seminars, read the books and understand the power of self-growth.

You have at least some business experience. (Since I move fast, ‘newbies’ may find it hard to keep up.)

You know that what I offer is not available just anywhere. It has taken me 25 years and nearly $100,000 in studies to accumulate the insights, knowledge and processes I use to get profound insights quickly and be able to communicate them to you effectively. (One of my clients said that it takes her about 3 days to ‘unpack’ one of our sessions.)

You know time is not the best measurement for the value you receive. We are conditioned to think that more time means we got more value; however, the exact opposite is what’s true. Sophisticated results delivered in minimal time allow you to have more of the one priceless asset you have – your time.

You are open to learning from a fresh perspective. (If you already know everything, then there is no point for us to work together, right?)

That’s it! Now, if you’re ready to have a life-changing experience, let’s get scheduled.

What to Do Next…

If you are ready to have a conversation that is designed to bring you fresh insights and the potential for accelerated results (depending on what you do with what you learn), then I would love to work with you.

Just click the payment button and then watch your email to schedule our time together.

Whether we work together or not, I am honored that you took the time to get to know a bit about me and my work. And when you decide that it’s right we work together, I’m honored to be a resource for you.

With good energy ~


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