Lynn Scheurell

You're in! Here are your Grow You! course logistics.

Congratulations on investing in your happiness through understanding the energy of change and personal transformation.

This is a pre-recorded course that you can access at any time from anywhere that has an internet connection. 

To get the most value from this course, I encourage you to take the time to reflect on what you’ve learned as well as follow through on the action to apply the teachings for each lesson. 

Here’s how to access your course:


Grow You! Webinar




About 45 minutes

Zoom Link:

If you have questions or comments as you go, please email me directly at the link below. 
Remember that your mind is your servant and, as you learn new things, your energy will shift according to your perceptions around your discoveries. Toward that end, please keep in mind that everything in your life is happening for you to grow into your next-best level. There is a bigger message. And it’s around you becoming more of your authentic self for deep happiness.

Thank you for choosing me as your Catalyst… it is an honor to help facilitate your transformation journey for more happiness. :+)

You can email your questions privately to me here...