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How Are You Limiting Yourself?

How Are You Limiting Yourself

How Are You Limiting Yourself?

You are in your physical body because you have a greater destiny to experience (or you wouldn’t be here).

Greater destiny means that you are here to offer your unique essence to the world and people around you.

Does that mean that you will change the world? Yes – and you already have because you being here has helped at least one person in your lifetime in a tangible way.

Does that mean you are done with your destiny now? No – because you are still here.

And because you are an entrepreneur or business professional, it means you want to help as many people as possible through who you are and what you know.

Because you are human, you are likely limiting yourself in ways that you don’t know or recognize.

Ask yourself:

1. Am I living a comfortable, frictionless lifestyle? (Frictionless means that everything is smooth – your life, environments and work is organized and things happen easily in your life.)

If your environment is not supportive – including relationships, by the way – and you are not comfortable in even one area of your life, that becomes a limitation. It is taking energy vs. giving you energy.

2. Do I make choices or take actions that I know are not good for me?

When you are making choices or acting on things that negate you in reaching for or having what you want, there is either a fear, a core lie or a belief based on illusion that is blocking you.

You are an intelligent person (or you wouldn’t be reading this!). ;+) That means that you wouldn’t consciously do things that drain or steal your energy. (Some might say that are ‘bad’ for you but I don’t believe in that – things either support or they don’t; ‘bad’ is a judgment that does not serve the larger conversation.)

Anyway, you are limiting yourself and your future if you are taking ‘left turns’ toward getting or having what you want.

3. Do you have the skills needed for your work?

If you believe you are the only person who can do that particular task, then yes – you need to develop your skills. However, if you can hire someone else to do ‘that’, your responsibility to your business is to delegate; to do otherwise is to limit your ability to serve your customers.

4. Do you get lost with the ‘technology’ or the ‘administrative’ parts of your business?

All business today happens in an increasingly digital world. While you may not need to know how to program a shopping cart, you do need to understand the process and outcomes from using it. Business is built on strategy and relationships – technology is simply the tool that delivers on both those fundamentals.

This is particularly true, by the way, if you are in an ‘alternative’ business. Selling mainstream and /or ‘tangible’ services – like, insurance or cleaning services or catered meals – is much easier because people know what to expect. In such cases, the distinction is only in the unique quality of their experience. Emerging services need to position through ‘edu-marketing’ and have strong messaging to the right audience to be seen in the marketplace.

In terms of ‘administration’, whether that’s business licenses or accounting or payroll, there is a learning curve. AND there are people to show you what to do. The bigger question is whether your business passion is greater than the red tape.

5. Are you afraid to have sales conversations or feel like you won’t know what to say?

If you are not able to talk about what you offer and then ask for your potential customer’s business, then you won’t be in business for long.

Sales is simply making your person’s life better / easier / happier by exchanging what they have – money – for the solution that can help them – preferably your solution. When you make it ‘personal’ (i.e., making rejection be about you), you are limited in your responses. However, when you seek to understand what they really want and then work together to see if your solution is the right one for them, it changes everything.

Seek to serve and the selling often takes care of itself.

There are many other factors that can be limiting (not limited to the following, by the way):

– Not knowing your purpose
– Being stuck, lost or overwhelmed in your business or career
– Working in vs. focusing on your business
– Having a great product or service but selling to the wrong audience (or the wrong pain point)
– Not having a good messaging framework to describe the benefits of your work
– Misunderstanding the question behind potential customer objections
– Getting stuck in story when answering a question
– Over-selling out of lack of confidence
– Underpricing your products or services
– Undervaluing the results of what you actually do through your work
– Offering payment plans when they aren’t needed
– Doing everything on your own (without support)
– Cleaning your own house or doing your own yardwork – unless you LOVE doing it
– Not taking downtime to restore
– Not taking time for creative thinking
– Being uncomfortable in your clothes (or your body!)
– Investing in unhealthy, non-supportive or toxic relationships
– Having resistance to changing marketplace conversations or needs
– Forgetting to have fun in your business (or why you started it in the first place!)
– And more…

The point is that every minute is one that you will never get back again. And if you aren’t making the most of your present, your future may not look like what you want.

Take the time now to consider where you might be limiting yourself. Look for habits, beliefs, mindsets, relationships, opportunities that feel unfulfilling, stuck or lacking in some way.


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Lynn Scheurell

Making the most of human nature since 1998, Lynn Scheurell is an authority on actualizing potential and accelerating results in life and business through clarity, personal truth and strategic transformation.

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