Lynn Scheurell



Copywriting / ghostwriting
Strategic storytelling
Developmental editing
Certified book coach


As a professional writer for decades, Lynn loves to write / ghostwrite books that change people’s lives for the better. Shown (and hyperlinked) here are just a few of the many book projects she has been fortunate enough to be involved in from concepting through publication and launch. (In fact, the first one became part of a thought leadership campaign that yielded seven figures.)

The Idea

Books are, essentially, a big business card. They are a powerful tool for brand-building through sharing quality information, establishing credibility by including proof points, and thought leadership by asking provocative questions and sharing leading-edge ideas. Lynn has written about such topics as: entrepreneurial development, personal mastery through business, technology, longevity and wellness, leadership, business models, and more. Lynn has written several bestselling books for her clients and is, herself, a bestselling author.