Lynn Scheurell

Brand Development


Company core 
Customer clarity
Competition analysis
Communication strategy


Brand development revolves around your company core (vision, mission, values, purpose), who you serve, who else is serving them, and how you connect with relevant, timely information. Shown (and hyperlinked) here are just three examples of Lynn’s work, beginning with a value proposition summary, a digital brand analysis, and an eBook targeted to a particular audience around a particular topic. What isn’t shown are examples of personal branding, editorial content calendaring, lead gen assets, or a slew of other ways to support brand development where Lynn has experience. 

The Idea

In all cases, brand development means understanding your brand promise and being able to deliver on it. The tactics for brand development range from identifying the tagline to brand archetyping to public and analyst relations to establishing authority in the market. Successful brand development is holistic in nature, which is something Lynn excels at in her perspective. She looks for cohesion, alignment with core values, and degree of satisfaction amongst employees, customers, and stakeholders. If constraints are a factor, they serve to identify opportunities. And those opportunities can mean more effective workflows, upgraded systems, new offerings, or expanded markets-it’s one of the most exciting aspects of marketing.