Lynn Scheurell

Digital Transformation


Business strategy
Change management
Systems thinking


As a business strategist, Lynn has worked with companies ranging from Start-Ups to Fortune 100 B2B organizations to shape and support digital transformation initiatives. Noted (and hyperlinked) here are a lead gen report, my book, and a video series concepted, pitched, and delivered. 

The Idea

Business has an inherent feeling of “never enough”-time, clients, pipeline, revenue, campaigns, etc. This leads to overwhelm, fragmented efforts, overlapping initiatives and more. However, digital transformation is the process of streamlining, prioritizing, and addressing systemic constraints to support delivering greater value effectively to both customers and employees. The results of digital transformation includ less stress, increased productivity, and happy people. It is one of the most significant and essential priorities of our time-and a personal favorite for Lynn’s focus.