Lynn Scheurell



Ideation / point of view
Strategic copywriting
Brand development
Customer experience


Sharing insights through packaging an eBook extends a brand’s capability to reach multiple audiences globally. Shown (and hyperlinked) here is the first chapter of an eBook on digital experience (a fav topic), an overview of a significant technology, and then (yes, it’s shameless) my downloadable eBook on how I work with private VIP clients. (It’s not a pitch but it is some fine writing so I am compelled to share it now.)

The Idea

Words are Lynn’s friends. Crafting messages that sequence a reader through an interesting, relevant, narrative experience is both a game and game-changing for business. Lynn is never at a loss for words, whatever the format-from eBooks to PPT presentations to overviews to anything you might imagine… because she taps into the essence of even the most complex messaging to simplify and clarify for the intended audience. Even more, she is known for her ability to synthesize disparate, even nebulous conceptual, information and then deliver an integrated product in an accelerated way.