Lynn Scheurell



Strategic frameworks
Lateral systems thinking
Innovation / disruption


Some say that Lynn is a possibilitarian, where innovation leads the future and then returns to advise the present. Being able to vision potential and then ground it into practical reality is one of Lynn’s gifts. Shown (and hyperlinked here) here are just a few examples of the many strategies she has developed over the years.  

The Idea

Questioning the status quo and looking beyond the familiar, known, and expected can change not only companies but industries. Strategy is the most efficient and resource-efficient way to achieve business growth; intuitive strategy is a profound and accelerated path to growth-and it’s what Lynn does naturally. Blending the logical with the non-linear and then being able to articulate what she sees is one of her talents. In the end, Lynn sees strategy as a way for people, and their companies, to be happier… which is the ultimate reward.