Lynn Scheurell

Thought Leadership


Thought leader strategy
Message development
Perception shaping
Market ordination


Thought leaders don’t necessarily need to know all the answers but they need to be able to identify trends and ask questions to provoke insight. While Lynn has developed numerous thought leadership-building campaigns, here (and hyperlinked) are just three examples. One is an actual thought leadership strategy, one is an innovative approach to employee onboarding, and the third is a provocative position paper designed to punch holes in the status quo for enterprises. 

The Idea

Thought leaders set the pace and tone for innovation in their industries. It is not necessarily the goal to create a particular outcome but, instead, to invite dialogue, envision a different future, sound the alarm, poke the status quo, or provoke clarity. Each person has their own unique style which needs to be reflected through their thought leadership messaging, presence, and platform choice. Consistency is a significant key to success, as is being willing to stand as a beacon for they highlight in their messaging. Thought leaders know they are successful when they have been ordained as a leader by their ideal followers. Going beyond the edge of the familiar is a favorite pastime for Lynn so she is drawn to take advantage of any chance to help a thought leader shape their audience perceptions.