Lynn Scheurell


The Bigger Message


Everything That Happens Has A Greater Purpose. Your Job Is To Understand It. Find The Answers To Life’s Questions With The Bigger Message.

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Whatever The Form In Asking, It’s About Answering The Bigger Question of ‘Why’?


How (why) do we create our world?

What (why) are we here for?

Why do we matter?

Why do things happen the way they do?

What does it all mean? (Why does it matter?)

Finding the answers to these questions, and others, is what keeps us busy for most of our lives. The single pursuit of understanding how change works, what the bigger message is and how we create or deny our evolution is fascinating on every level. It is our individual and collective life purpose to discover and distill these huge questions into something that makes sense.

The truth is that we must live in alignment with personal knowingness. Knowing what you want, and giving yourself the permission and resources to go after it, is a big part of why you are here. You are part of a greater whole that is only served by you being your true self. You being anything less takes away from everybody and everything else.

It may seem a bit convoluted or counter-intuitive in the initial awareness of it, but when you understand that you ARE the power to create what you want, the world suddenly feels very different. Then, once you get that, what do you do with it?

And how do you begin the process of intentional change by understanding the bigger message?

This ebook begins to answer that question through perspective that you can start using right away.


“Byron Katie said something to the effect that: Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you. Simply put, Lynn offers a comprehensive guide in The Bigger Message that assists us in interpreting our life as happening for us, when we typically tend to look at life as happening to us. It sheds light on the world of everyday happenings that we either overlook or misinterpret and, if we apply what she teaches, allows us to get on with the business of living life fully and enjoying it, regardless of what it looks like from our myopic perspectives. It can be surprising to find that what we think is holding us back isn’t quite the same when viewed in Universal Context. Looking through the lens of The Bigger Message allows us to shift, let go, and move forward. Lynn’s observations and suggestions show us how our lives are indeed about the journey and not the destination, and that there is something for us at every single mile marker along the way. The Bigger Message helps us to notice and interpret these “somethings” and “mile markers” to bring awareness, energy shift and forward movement, should we choose to allow it!” ~ Carrie Mayes,