Lynn Scheurell


Self-Mastery is the Ultimate Success Strategy

A 1:1 Personal Transformational Retreat Tailored to Decode and Prioritize What’s Happening for You, Your Situation, and Your Goals 

Who you are becoming is always emerging… and that can cause a crisis of meaning where decision-making gets hard, the path ahead gets foggy, and it’s hard to find the joy along the way. Meaning gives a sense of purpose and is how we express making a difference. When you are getting unexpected results or your business is not getting the traction you want, it could be because you need to grow. 

By unfolding the layers of who you are not and claiming your personal truth, you gain new levels of self-mastery. Understanding and living into your personal entelechy is the fastest path to greater havingness; the results of your inner work looks like success-by your definition-in the outer world. 

Get insight into circumstances.

Circumstances, even difficult ones, are the context for our life curriculum. But it's hard to see the benefit when feeling confused, lost, overwhelmd, or overmatched. Insight gives you information to make new decisions.

Identify your pivot point.

There is always a pivot point where everything can shift, or course-correct, toward what you really want. We will combine your inner landscape (deep experience) with what you want and the resources you have or can create so you can see your options.

Strategize the best path forward.

Strategy means taking the less-stress way to a goal. By having insight and knowing your pivot point, you can consciously choose how to proceed for the best experience by YOUR definition. Choice is the most powerful force on the planet--and it is yours to exercise.

How It Works

We spend 2.5 days together in focused exploration to support what you want to achieve. Day 1 is a half-day where we review what’s happening and what you want to change or experience. Day 2 we explore your innate gifts and talents. We also consider your current challenges for insights and your goals for success. And Day 3, we develop an actionable plan for you to apply what you’ve learned and move forward. Ultimately, you access your personal power for self-mastery and transformation of your circumstances. 

Often, unexpected resources or hidden freedom surfaces through our work together. You have the opportunity and guidance to integrate who you’ve been with who you are, and what you want to experience, so you can enjoy greater meaning and happiness in your daily life. 

This retreat is unique in that the only agenda is you. One of my clients, a project manager, left the retreat with a proprietary coaching system and marketing plan. Another client, an attorney, wanted to be a thought leader and left with the outline of her futre bestselling book. Another client, a life coach, realized she wasn’t getting business traction because she is here to be an artist; she’s now getting commissions for custom projects.

Other clients have reported that they weren’t quite sure what they got from the experience until weeks later when they had an epiphany, or revelation, of their clarity in action. In one case, we planted the ‘seeds’ of recognition for a future level of business. In another case, a coach came for business-building where we explored her fears and, weeks later, discovered that a lifelong trauma around water had been released and she could swim without fear. 

Think of this as an ‘un-retreat’ because it is fluid and wraps around you in the moment; the value is personal and, while predictable in being beneficial, is not always the expected linear outcome. 

What Happens When Life Takes Over

There are typically two scenarios that are the backdrop for when someone reaches a stopping point. 

In the first, life gets busier and responsibilities stack up over time. It becomes a foreign concept to take time to integrate all that’s happening… the urgencies take over the important. This means  your life is running you and, likely, you have a sense of discontent. Your life is full but you don’t feel satisfied. This affects everything… your business results, your sense of worth and freedom, and how others perceive and relate to you. 

The other scenario is when someone has experienced success but they know there is more but don’t know how to reach it OR they feel like there isn’t more and yet there should be more. 

In either case, society exerts pressure to figure it out logically, to just keep DOING, and follow what others have done to find their path to success. 

The challenge is that nobody else has had the exact circumstances you’re having, and traditional solutions don’t always have the capacity to personalize answers. So even the most intelligent, educated, savvy business owners find themselves at a loss for getting their next steps lined up as a path toward greater happiness and fulfillment. 

The only way to transmute current circumstances is to go deeper into who you are and what you really want. This process can reveal unexpected pain points as well as gems to be mined. Either way, we are conditioned to do this using our logic vs. emotional and intuitive intelligence. Additionally, it’s hard to connect your own ‘dots’ of experience because you’ve been living with them for so long. To see yourself, you either need a mirror or someone who is experienced in reflecting one’s essential self, especially when a business is involved. 

That’s where what we do together in your personal, unique, tailored-to-you State of Becoming Retreat pays off… 

What to Expect

You will come to the Tucson, AZ area for a relaxed evening with dinner plus two days of retreat. You are responsible for your travel and accommodations, as well as food expenses outside retreat time.

This retreat is a co-creative dialogue that relies on your willingness to be honest and go deep with full presence. You will likely experience a-ha’s throughout our time together as well as after. 

We may begin with an idea of the outcome and end up somewhere completely different that is totally appropriate. 

Our goal is to take a pause from your regular routine, break inertia, and gain intense insights so you can make the most of who you are and can use your truth as a compass for decision-making in both life and business.

Our schedule will flex with our preferences. I cover your Day 1 dinner as well as Day 2 and 3 lunch and snacks. Clients have requested a mid-day recharge, knocking off an hour early to journal, and starting a bit later so they can sleep in… essentially, this retreat is all about supporting your needs as we go as well as having a plan you can take forward. We also have a follow-up session about a week after you are back in your routine to see how things are landing and answer any questions that came up afterward.

When you are ready for intense insights that can help connect  your inner landscape with a more deliberate outer experience with new vitality and self-sovereignty, this retreat is waiting for you. 

You Need to Know…

I teach through personalized intense insights as well as intuitive literacy, metaphysical meaning, and shifts of perception for more rewarding life experiences. But I’m not the teacher for everyone… you should know things have a way of accelerating results when coming through me.

If having a powerful experience through an intimate retreat resonates with you, please download the prospectus below. 

By investing in yourself through this retreat experience, you will slow down to speed up. You’ll (re)discover what lights you up and how to have more of that every day. You’ll have clarity in how to move forward with focused priorities. And you’ll learn how to honor your personal path toward fresh results, more freedom, and greater happiness. 

Learn more about the retreat and my philosophy to discover if I am the right 'seer' for you...

While it hasn’t happened yet (in decades of working with clients), if you are not satisfied with your retreat, I stand behind my work – always. I have never had anyone NOT get tremendous benefit from our work together but, if you are the first to say so, know that I will make it right.

I look forward to working with you!

In The Words Of My Clients