Lynn Scheurell


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I greatly appreciated your time and attention when we met. You have an amazing ability to create a connection with your audience. I noticed you absorb information quickly and have an excellent ability to listen as well as seek to understand. I also felt compelled to overshare, which is so rare for me and speaks to your skills as an intuitive. The feedback you provided on my website was most valuable. You not only offered me constructive criticism, but also quickly identified the root cause of why my marketing is not converting - my lack of authenticity, which is holding me back. I see great value in your coaching skills. I am very grateful to have made your acquaintance! Thank you.

Veronica Acevido -

I recently had a Business Vision Mapping Session with Lynn Scheurell. I expected to learn a few things to apply to my business to help me make some changes, what I received was so much more than that! Lynn is truly amazing. She helped me to see small and large changes that would make my business so much more effective. She used her intuition to say things in just the right way. She used her delightful loving presence to make me feel comfortable with every moment of our session. Working with her was a total pleasure and I learned more that I could have ever imagined. Lynn has changed my whole life and I highly recommend her and the amazing work that she does. Invest in Lynn Scheurell if you are ready to take your whole life to a higher level!

Barbara Grace -

In the billion-dollar plus business consulting industry, "experts" abound, and yet few of these gurus have what it takes to truly make a long lasting or permanent change in their client's lives and work. Lynn's understated manner and quiet confidence do not do justice to her passion in helping people realize their goals. She is a powerhouse of knowledge and useful information that she puts to work immediately. Lynn rises above the crowd in all areas. She truly lives what she teaches. She is practical, level-headed, honest, organized and committed. She goes beyond the expected, creating new ideas and new ways to implement them beyond what she promises. She is a true catalyst who takes a person's creative idea or talent and makes positive results happen.

Bradley James

Lynn is the most talented coach I have ever met. Many people claim they are mentors, but very few walk their talk and live their work, especially with the level of integrity and authenticity that Lynn does. Her listening skills are second to none; this coupled with her kind heart and savvy life skills makes her the one you want in your corner. With every session, I became not only crystal clear with my action plan, but I knew exactly what needed to be done! Lynn mentors with heart, and her head. She gives a bit of theory and a LOT of practical application so you not only get the why, you get the how - and that is a VERY rare combination in this world.

Viki Viertel

Lynn's Public Speaking class changed how I see myself. I had been a shrinking violet when it came to public speaking. The fear I had about making a presentation was tremendous! A short time before Lynn's class, I had given a presentation. My fear level was so great that I experienced a 7 hour amnesia attack and ended up in the emergency room. I was scared senseless! The day of our class I could feel my fear rising & I told Lynn about it and she explained that the audience wasn't here to see me. If I was a famous person they might be here to see me. The audience was interested in my message. Lynn said I reminded her of Paula Deen and to just give my presentation like I was Paula Deen. I thought," Oh, I can do that". So I proceeded to pretend I was Paula Deen and breezed through my speech. I was amazed how easy it was and I wasn't nervous - after all, I was Paula Deen and she is comfortable in front of a crowd. Thanks, Lynn! Your class worked wonders for me.

Barbara Taylor

What caught my ear with Lynn was the first time when I met her and she told me that she was a catalyst for entrepreneurs. In other words, if you’re looking to do something really, really, really fast – that’s what she helps you do. If you have an idea and you want to implement it, by inserting a catalyst into that, it makes what normally would happen in maybe a year or two years or three years suddenly happen in two, three, four days, maybe a week, cutting things down an enormous time. That’s originally where I got tied into you, Lynn, was the way that you taught me how to get a lot done in a very short period of time. You got my mind thinking in new parameters. Like a lightswitch. Catalyst. There was a ‘before catalyst’ curve and an ‘after catalyst’ curve. You showed me to ask: ‘What’s in here?’ And then to take action on it!

Carl White -

Lynn, I have to say you are so the g-word - “guru”;. Not to scare you with this word, but it’s true. As I see it, you use your light to help illuminate the light within others and you meet them where they are to do so, even when their bulbs are dim! But all of us can shine bright, we just get covered with the dust of life and we need our catalyst (aka g-word) {def: guru} to help us sweep it off. Thank you for helping me change my life.

Michelle Newbon -

I am so impressed with Lynn and her way of working with entrepreneurs and those wanting to go solo with their own unique gifts. If you aren’t quite sure yet if working with a soul-driven business consultant is for you, may I recommend joining Lynn, and other business men and women, in her virtual intense programs? Bring your running shoes, because that one hour every week is packed full of good information, good inspiration and good action items to spend implementing each new Monday morning! Lynn brings a virtual warehouse of powerful information and experience, both practical and innovative, to the table. Just one virtual meeting helped me clarify which areas of my business are working and which areas I need to tweak. I know now which areas of my business I’m going to have to delegate in order to grow. The support and camaraderie of the group is quite encouraging and inspiring as well. Thanks, Lynn, for supporting me in ways that feel really good and in harmony with who I am and what I want to accomplish in my business!

Deborah Ivanoff -

Lynn Scheurell is one of the brilliant lights of this world. She is clearly passionate about helping. Her energy is uplifting and positive and she gives with free-flowing creativity. I would recommend her to anyone with a budding business, who wants to shift their consciousness into the new paradigm.

M. Sareen -

First of all, this cannot possibly be present in any product, in part because of the “dance” with the energy of the person and the session. A product directs the energy in a particular and defined direction and has no ability to change course. Present in your work is a co-direction of energy in the direction of the person’s intention and next best level, revealing/removing blockages to that along the way. Products, even yours, are inherently “cookie cutter” or recipe, presuming certain ingredients and a specific direction and end product. They cannot be otherwise because they are generalized and cannot follow the flow of energy in present time. What you do is customized and a true co-creation. The number of products someone would have to work through to get to the same point…well, I don’t know if it’s possible. Conventional coaches may say things but give no substance behind it – no motion, no connection to one’s own energy of the moment/topic. They essentially are “human products”…repeating recipes at people as if THEY know where that person needs to go. As the saying goes (paraphrased by Maslow, I believe), if the only tool in your toolbox is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Which is 180 degrees from what you do. You have a full tool box and choose the appropriate tool for the job… and you change tools when necessary, as many times as it takes, as the nail turns into a screw becomes a staple. In general, people cannot even begin to comprehend what you actually do in following someone’s energy and dancing with them, because it is so far outside the realm of the familiar and not even on people’s radar as possible. What you offer is vastly different… despite plenty of searching and hearing some similar, or even identical words, people don’t get what you offer… empowerment, feeling heard and responded to, not talked to or given advice or suggestions. You mirror one’s highest self, one’s best unshrouded energy around a topic so a person can grow. And the only way you can do that is to be ego-less and allow someone to see Source through you and to feel it in oneself. And the person is forever changed and charged, and differently responsible for oneself, regardless of what S/HE CHOOSES to do with the experience and shift afterward. There isn’t a product in the world that does that. Another big difference about what you do is that you teach from where your “student” is, not from where you are. You rock. You are amazing. I am so, so, so honored to be here with you in this physical time and space experience. Namaste, in the truest, most non-cliche sense of that word.

Carrie Mayes -

What a fabulous weekend we had! Lynn, I believe it was the most beneficial weekend seminar I have experienced. Your class was superb! Thank you for encouraging me to join you. I needed it!!!! I feel more confident already. I am so very glad I joined in the fun. I actually loved getting up there and doing my deal. I loved getting to know everyone not only through chatting but also getting to understand them through their talks. I thoroughly enjoyed you, the information and what a special group of powerful ladies. Keep up the great work! You are amazing!

Barbara Taylor

Lynn is a highly knowledgeable and passionate about her commitment to her clients and who she is presenting to! She is extremely generous and abundant during her presentations, giving me information I AM using immediately for my healing offerings. She gave a fun, light, interesting presentation, answering all of our questions. I highly recommend Lynn for expanding your business with integrity and speed!

Michael Zarchian

Thank you so much being our speaker and bringing such powerful energy to the Telesummit! You provided great content and were an ideal guest! I loved the flow of the conversation and the ‘rolls’ you got onto… they were perfect for the audience (as you know they always are)! I hope you enjoyed our time together as much as I did! I find you to be an incredible woman and I am excited to see the tremendous growth you have had in the past year as you have stepped in to your soul space and allowed your gifts to be fully expressed. I am honored to know you and am happy and grateful for our continued relationship and friendship. Again, thanks for being part of the Telesummit and for being the incredible you that you are!

Sue Urda -

You are perpetually the real deal… you illuminate, educate and empower, and go way beyond what anybody else does in supporting me to awareness. I’m not buying into you – I am buying you! Your explanations and catalyst wisdom is greatly appreciated, and truly divine! Thanks again – you’re the bomb-bette!

Mo Bailey

Wow Lynn, you are the master Catalyst! And more than that a wonderful person! Can’t thank you enough for holding the space for each of us to do what you knew we could do. You deserve more than glowing testimonials…. thank you for guiding me to birth a new part of ME that was truly liberating. You worked your heart out on this before, during, and after to make it everything that it was and then some!!! I will forever be grateful.

Sicily Suttle-King -

Lynn Scheurell is awesome. Her excitement draws you in and creates such a good feeling! All I want to do is create the ultimate business now. She is full of great ideas and her catalyst quality ignites them. I learned so much and wish this was a regular, daily or weekly class, just so I could remain FIRED-UP! Thanks so much Lynn! I so appreciate you!!!

Sue Castle -

Thank you for your supportive and uplifting words of encouragement. You have no idea how much it means to me…you have NO idea. I never felt like I knew where I was going before – for many years I bounced around the planet…and now all of those experiences have come together as the Divine plan and it makes sense. I just loved variety! I loved to learn – still do! And I needed to bounce around to get all the info and experiences that I needed for the Divine plan in order to help people. Thank you Lynn, you truly are a beautiful spirit… I see it, I feel it, I know it. I feel that you truly care… you have no idea how much you, your warmth, knowledge, experience and support mean to me!

Jillian Lambert -

Thanks to you it is happening! I’ll forever be grateful and remember the day I declared myself an artist. Thanks for helping me discover the artist within! That was the best ever 3-day intense coaching “business plan” that never happened! Lol!!!

Jacque Weiss -

Working with Lynn Scheurell from Creative Catalyst is an experience like no other. Be prepared to be stretched in all directions and, when finished, realize you are dizzy but on the right path. Thanks to her, our company has a new name, Grounded Monkey, and a clear mission to help people heal themselves naturally.

Becky Detrick -

In addition to her divine generosity of spirit and her pure heart of gold, what I love about Lynn Scheurell are her masterful powers of pure creation…of opportunities for connection and community and for sharing the wealth of knowledge and wisdom we have with each other as guides and support towards our greater success… love all you do to bring us all together and share our wisdom and creative offerings!!! Deep bow of gratitude for you being You.

Anya Connolly

The work Lynn and I have done together has been mind-bogglingly amazing, easy and fun. She assisted me in seeing the big vision for my community and helped me take it from a struggling concept to a full-fledged powerhouse.

Anne Pizarro -

Lynn Scheurell strikes again! You take hopes and seeds and weave them into dreams and magic. Thank you. Again.

Benjy Portnoy -

Lynn was an exceptional teacher when it came to helping me develop my business. I knew what I wanted to do but had no plan of how to get there. Here guidance and insight helped me to see the business I wanted and her constant encouragement gave me the confidence I needed to begin my own consulting company. I could not have developed my business in such a professional way without her. From the pre-planning to the website launch, Lynn was my sounding board and guide to my new life and my new career. I would not be as successful without her.

Carolyn Lindstrom

Lynn has inspired me to start my own business. I have been circling this idea for few years now and there have always seemed to be something that blocked the way, yet I couldn't quite put my finger on the "bug". She nailed it right away; while she visualized the business and tried to define it she intuitively brought together the two parts of it that I stumbled upon integrating and all of a sudden - made it possible! I am starting my business now and looking forward to continue working with Lynn on my business marketing. I am grateful to her amazing insights and generous heart and would warmly recommend her to everyone who is searching for his/her true path.

Gaia Cole

If you are overwhelmed with too many great ideas, Lynn will help you determine where you should put your time, energy and resources. I went to her with an abundance of creative ideas and no time to pursue any of them. With Lynn's help, I've let go of some ideas, developed others and finally put a sensible strategy together to maximize not only my bottom-line profits, but my excitement for the projects I'm working on. The space Lynn provides and the timely insight she offers is priceless.

Christine Kloser -

I found working with Lynn you start rapidly processing energetically at light speed. I’ve spent years thinking about setting up a website and tried on numerous occasions however I just got so lost in the whole process, it felt like dropping a pin in space. Lynn was able to paint the path in gold so that I was catapulted instantaneously to my end goal (it took me one month to get everything together after years of trying). I finally have my business model completed I know what I’m doing as far as products and services and I finally have a fully-functioning website and currently embarking on testimonials and new clients to get my new business venture off the ground (thank you so much Lynn). So for me as a newbie business owner and entrepreneur who has always wanted to start her own Transformational Coaching services business, I've finally got my desire! I’m extremely thrilled at the results that I’ve achieved with Lynn’s guidance in a very short period of time. I thoroughly recommend Lynn’s services. I’m happy to chat with anyone who is contemplating using Lynn to catapult their journey - you can drop me an email anytime. Thanks again Lynn!

Sharon Richards


Lynn Scheurell, professional catalyst, business strategist and personal mastery teacher, is an authority on creating fulfillment through connecting the dots between inner beliefs and outer expression for more conscious experiences. Her passion is actualizing potential and accelerating results so her clients can have what they really want (and work for) in life and business.


Lynn’s path to understanding and claiming her intuition started early. At age 6, she was seeing people who had crossed over, like her Uncle Eddie in his zoot suit the night he passed. At age 13, she was hanging with her two best friends in the front yard talking about what it would be like when they were old – like 30. She predicted that one would be married with children and the other a corporate New York go-getter – both turned out to be true. At 17, she heard the words ‘you are here to actualize potential’ and *knew* that was her life purpose (a.k.a. her “entelechy“).


By 22, she was on the entrepreneurial path. In fact, she was one of the original phone psychics back in the day (before it was popular to have a psychic on speed dial). At the same time, she was fascinated by ontology (the study of the nature of being) and so immersed herself in exploring metaphysical tools to decode the energy and meaning of everyday living. In doing so, her guide – Thornton – presented himself as a channel for information from collective consciousness.


For Lynn, using her intuition is sacred because it helps others access their best life by their own definition. Each of us is in a constant state of becoming, which is why it is vital we are aware of and clear about our personal truths and meaning of life for aligned living. What lights Lynn up about her work is seeing people’s lives change in an instant – all it takes is compelling clarity.