Lynn Scheurell


Some of the highlights of my life and career...
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  • Marla Maples and me

    Hearing the story behind the story revealed fortitude, clarity and the power of self-worth.

  • Mariel Hemingway and me

    Her family pedigree was something she had to deal with, which created some serious dissonance. She chose to live a centered life and has come into herself.

  • Kim Kiyosaki and me

    Her perspective on money and relationships and self-growth is powerful testimony to the power of speaking your truth and seeing with clarity.

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  • Gloria Loring and me

    She is down-to-earth, practical and loving. Her focus is on being happy and supporting others in their happiness. I felt we were kindred spirits.

  • The Most Interesting Man and me

    I figured this might be as close as I get to this guy so I grabbed a photo while I could!

  • On the Set for an Interview

    It was a whirwind day - I don't even remember this picture being taken!

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  • Behind the Scenes

    I loved having the crystal ball for this day on the set! I actually have two of them at home like this - they are very special to me!

  • Receiving Audience Love

    The audience was unexpectedly moved when I shared why I do what I re-launched my business as an intuitive. (I psychically saw where my friend's nephew was murdered, later corroborated by police investigation.)

  • Videotaping

    This was when I videotaped more than 10 videos for my Self-Actualization Society in 114 degree weather - shew!

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  • Mike Koenigs and me

    Celebrating my new bestselling author status with Mike - he is a sweetheart! It's hard to be authentic unless you know yourself - he does.

  • Spontaneous me

    When I laugh, it's big! This shot happened when I got tickled at something someone said... what you can't see is that this was a set in someone's garage. It was a riot!

  • Recognition

    It was an honor to be selected for my work as a digital entrepreneur and be in the company of other luminaries - wow!