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“Using business intuition to give entrepreneurs, consultants and business professionals a way to gain clarity and achieve accelerated results based on their own energy to experience more freedom every day.”

Lynn’s path to becoming an intuitive started early. At age 6, she was seeing people who had crossed over, like her Uncle Eddie in his zoot suit the night he passed. At age 13, she was hanging with her two best friends in the front yard talking about what it would be like when they were old – like 30. She predicted that one would be married with children and the other a corporate New York go-getter – both turned out to be true. At 17, she heard the words ‘you are here to actualize potential’ and *knew* that was her life purpose (a.k.a. her “entelechy“).

By 22, she was on the entrepreneurial path. In fact, she was one of the original phone psychics back in the day (before it was popular to have a psychic on speed dial). At the same time, she was fascinated by ontology (the study of the nature of being) and immersed herself in exploring metaphysical tools to decode the energy and meaning of everyday living. In doing so, her guide – Thornton – presented himself as a channel for information from collective consciousness.

For Lynn, using her intuition in business is sacred because it is about helping others access their clarity to have a better life by their own definition. What lights her up about this work is seeing people’s lives change instantly. It is typical for people to change lifelong beliefs within the first 60 minutes as a result of new clarity.


Lynn has always been fascinated by human development. She says, “I just knew what I knew… I was an intuitive catalyst for people to have more of what they wanted before personal coaching was even a glimmer of an industry.”

Lynn Scheurell’s philosophy is that all events and outcomes are connected to universal consciousness. And when you know how to strategically access and apply your innate and natural intelligence within that framework, you are able shift perspective and make an instant impact to get the results you want.

She believes that personal clarity allows observation of your personal power through actions, patterns and  environment which enables you to access it. In doing so, you can punch holes in your personal myths and limitations to create new results.


Lynn’s clients report that her intuitive gift have given them the insight and courage to make even the toughest decisions easier – everything from getting a divorce to investing in multi-million dollar property deals to finding their life purpose to systematically monetizing what they know. Having worked with more than 7,500 people to date, her clients have ranged from an elementary teacher who became a nationally-known speaker trainer to a bookkeeper turned international radio show host to struggling entrepreneur turned artist.


Lynn’s ability to ‘read’ a person’s unique energetic signature gives her a powerful advantage in her work. Through her proprietary 5-step GEENI System, together, these five elements consistently reveal the obstacle, block or barrier in a situation, relationship or circumstance for what it is which allows her clients to (re)claim their personal power for instant transformation.

Lynn’s perspectives have been shared in the media (CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC) and she was recognized as one of WE Magazine’s top women in ecommerce, has won awards and been endorsed by hundreds of clients for her innovative approach to results. She has written more than a dozen books, has contributed to numerous magazines and blogs, and has been a guest on several podcasts, telesummits and radio shows.

GEENI for Change

Learn how you can use the GEENI System to understand your current results and then change them with simple insights in this 7-part e-course.

Lynn Scheurell


Five things about Lynn and her experience that might surprise and delight you – while serving your work together – are that:
– she is a face reader so she can read your personal life blueprint through your facial features.
– she is a former ballroom dance instructor so she knows how to partner with you for effortless flow.
– she is a high communicator so she can break down even the most complex concept into usable bites.
– she has an Akita puppy which reminds her daily of the need to explore new places.
– she went to a Hollywood party where all the guests were soap opera stars – and they still talked about the same issues as ‘civilians’. We really are all just walking each other home.

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