Lynn Scheurell



Lynn Scheurell, professional catalyst, business strategist, and personal mastery teacher, is an authority on creating fulfillment through connecting the dots between inner beliefs and outer expression for more conscious experiences. Her passion is actualizing potential and accelerating results so her clients can have what they really want (and work for) in life and business.

At 17, she heard the words ‘you are here to actualize potential’ and *knew* that was her life purpose (a.k.a. her “entelechy“). By 22, she was on the entrepreneurial path with several businesses. In fact, she was one of the original phone psychics back in the day (before it was cool to have a psychic on speed dial). She began studying ontology (the study of the nature of being), immersing herself in exploring metaphysical tools to decode the energy and meaning of everyday living. She finally met her guide – Thornton – who now helps her channel info from the collective consciousness.

For Lynn, using her intuition is sacred because it helps others live their best life by their own definition. Each of us is in a constant state of becoming, which is why it is vital to be aware of and clear about personal truths and the meaning of life for aligned living. What lights Lynn up about her work is seeing people’s lives change in an instant – all it takes is clarity.


My philosophy is that all events and outcomes are part of a bigger message. When you can interpret your circumstances within that bigger message, you can shift perspective and make different decisions to get a new experience. You have the power to choose the quality of your life. Clarity is the key to making it happen. From there, it’s about expressing your personal truth through action.


Lynn’s perspectives have been shared in the media (CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC) and she was recognized as one of WE Magazine’s top women in ecommerce, has won business awards, and been endorsed by hundreds of clients for her innovative approach to results. She is a bestselling author with several books to her credit, has contributed to numerous magazines and blogs, and has been a guest on many podcasts, telesummits, and radio shows. 


Lynn’s ability to ‘read’ a person’s unique energetic signature gives her a powerful advantage in her work. There are life ‘threads’ that serve as guides to clarity and (re)claiming personal power for instant transformation. Through this proprietary 5-step GEENI System, you can learn how to consistently reveal the obstacle, block, or barrier in any situation, relationship, or circumstance for what it is… personal insight for new opportunities.

Grow You! Video Series

When you know there is ‘more’ for you in life, and that you want to transcend life’s chaos and feel happier, it’s time to change things up. Everything unfolding in your life right now is a guide to who you really are… and, when you are aligned with your essence, everything can change for your happiness. That’s what this video series is about… achieving an unshakable state of happiness by living your essential truth no matter what is happening around you.