Lynn Scheurell



Whether your focus is business or quality of life, clarity is the key to accessing the deeper levels of your energy you need to create change faster and easier. Just one session can help you instantly shift to get unstuck and get moving toward what you really want – even if you feel lost, overwhelmed or out of sync. This session is unique because we follow your patterns, passions and perceptions, addressing what presents in the moment with laser clarity to catapult you into new results for life and / or business.


This dynamic personal consultation distills your business vision into a customized one-page business vision map for absolute clarity in marketplace positioning and strategy, product development priorities and optimal mix of packaged solutions for growing your business. You get a tangible plan that you can use right away to get your business to its next level, whether you are launching it for the first time or re-vamping it for a fresh start.


A personal, one-of-a-kind 2.5-day retreat for self-discovery and strategic planning that integrates who you are with what you know for predictable transformation. You cannot understand your life or business through the same lens you’ve always used and expect a fresh perspective. When it’s time for you to step up to your next best level, you will feel the pull of your own possibilities, the lure of going beyond where you’ve been and the stretch of soaring into new places. Where you are now is not a predictor of your future. Do something different and it all changes. This experiential discovery retreat is a pivot point that can change everything. *Note: application and interview required.