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Business owners work with me to create more freedom through clarity. Ready for transformation?

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With intense circumstances, you might feel stretched beyond the bounds of reason. That's when clarity is essential because it helps you be more resilient.


The growing edge is an uncomfortable place to be and yet, life continues to move with or without you. Clarity helps you explore possibilities fearlessly.


To live more fully into your life, you must express the truth of who you are and what you are here to do, create, and be. Clear personal truths surface new opportunities.


When you know there is ‘more’ for you in life, and that you want to transcend life’s chaos and feel happier, it’s time to change things up. Everything unfolding in your life right now is a guide to who you really are… and, when you are aligned with your essence, everything can change for your happiness. That’s what this video series is about… achieving an unshakable state of happiness by living your essential truth no matter what is happening around you.


Lynn’s ability to ‘read’ a person’s unique energetic signature gives her a powerful advantage in her work. There are life 'threads' that serve as guides to clarity and (re)claiming personal power for instant transformation. Through this proprietary 5-step GEENI System, you can learn how to consistently reveal the obstacle, block, or barrier in any situation, relationship, or circumstance for what it is... personal insight for new opportunities.

Having a Crisis of Meaning?

Life can be overwhelming these days. Unexpected change is relentless. And yet, you have to keep going in the midst of seeming chaos. Even when you’re doing well, it can be helpful to understand what’s really going on to make sense of things. You likely want more freedom, to make a bigger difference, to change the world through who you are and what you do. You feel like you need insight to make more informed decisions and, yet, you need a way to see through the ‘noise.’  

As a transformation teacher, I have honed my ability to deliver compelling clarity. Some call me a translator of the bigger message while others say I’m a laser beam of illumination to help my clients take action. In any case, when people find me, it means they are ready for significant change. I’m honored to share what I see with my clients about their situations, relationships, and businesses.

The way I work is all about you… so no two sessions are the same. When you’re ready for transformation and fresh results in life and/or business, consider working with me in a unique introductory session. I look forward to it! 

I greatly appreciated your time and attention when we met. You have an amazing ability to create a connection with your audience. I noticed you absorb information quickly and have an excellent ability to listen as well as seek to understand. I also felt compelled to overshare, which is so rare for me and speaks to your skills as an intuitive. The feedback you provided on my website was most valuab... Read More

Veronica Acevido

I recently had a Business Vision Mapping Session with Lynn Scheurell. I expected to learn a few things to apply to my business to help me make some changes, what I received was so much more than that! Lynn is truly amazing. She helped me to see small and large changes that would make my business so much more effective. She used her intuition to say things in just the right way. She used her delig... Read More

Barbara Grace

In the billion-dollar plus business consulting industry, "experts" abound, and yet few of these gurus have what it takes to truly make a long lasting or permanent change in their client's lives and work. Lynn's understated manner and quiet confidence do not do justice to her passion in helping people realize their goals. She is a powerhouse of knowledge and useful information that she puts to work... Read More

Bradley James

Lynn is the most talented coach I have ever met. Many people claim they are mentors, but very few walk their talk and live their work, especially with the level of integrity and authenticity that Lynn does. Her listening skills are second to none; this coupled with her kind heart and savvy life skills makes her the one you want in your corner. With every session, I became not only crystal clear wi... Read More

Viki Viertel

Lynn's Public Speaking class changed how I see myself. I had been a shrinking violet when it came to public speaking. The fear I had about making a presentation was tremendous! A short time before Lynn's class, I had given a presentation. My fear level was so great that I experienced a 7 hour amnesia attack and ended up in the emergency room. I was scared senseless! The day of our class I could fe... Read More

Barbara Taylor

What caught my ear with Lynn was the first time when I met her and she told me that she was a catalyst for entrepreneurs. In other words, if you’re looking to do something really, really, really fast – that’s what she helps you do. If you have an idea and you want to implement it, by inserting a catalyst into that, it makes what normally would happen in maybe a year or two years or three yea... Read More

Carl White

Lynn, I have to say you are so the g-word - “guru”;. Not to scare you with this word, but it’s true. As I see it, you use your light to help illuminate the light within others and you meet them where they are to do so, even when their bulbs are dim! But all of us can shine bright, we just get covered with the dust of life and we need our catalyst (aka g-word) {def: guru} to help us sweep it ... Read More

Michelle Newbon

I am so impressed with Lynn and her way of working with entrepreneurs and those wanting to go solo with their own unique gifts. If you aren’t quite sure yet if working with a soul-driven business consultant is for you, may I recommend joining Lynn, and other business men and women, in her virtual intense programs? Bring your running shoes, because that one hour every week is packed full of good ... Read More

Deborah Ivanoff

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