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Grow You! The Breathtakingly Direct Way to be Happier

Discover How to Transcend What 'Is' to Get New Results By Honoring Your Truths

Uhhh... What?

You’re obviously ready to live a new result because you took the Change Readiness Assessment. That means you know there is ‘more’ waiting for you on some level. 

And yet, it’s hard to know how to grow, much less do it efficiently for the best result, when you’re in the middle of living your life with daily responsibilities. 

That’s actually the point of life – to explore what’s happening as markers for your personal unfolding. When you learn how to interpret your life situations, circumstances, and relationships for the guides they are to your best life, everything can change. 

The world is in flux right now… it seems like chaos and disruption is the new norm. We have access to technology and tools designed to make life easier and yet it seems like even simple things are challenging. Things don’t work they way they’re supposed to… efficiency doesn’t mean effective… nobody can seem to get things done right… what you expect doesn’t happen the way you think it will… it’s death by 1,000 cuts, right?

But here’s the thing… all that external stuff has nothing to do with your happiness. In fact, all that stuff means change is happening for your benefit. (Wait… what???)

“Simple, yet surprisingly revealing…”

Marie Gallagher, Life Student

The direct path to greater happiness...

There are three signs that signal your life is going through a shift:

  1. Where you are now is painful in contrast to where you want to be – it feels so ‘raw’ that you don’t know how to deal with it
  2. Things break, don’t work right, or even end unexpectedly, from relationships to business deals to house projects
  3. You feel like a Lamborghini stuck behind a lawn mower, going so slow when you just want to accelerate and MOVE already!

While each of these indicates you are in the energy of change, it’s an uncomfortable place to be… even more, you can feel powerless to do anything about it.

However, you can take the direct path to greater happiness. When you understand how to leverage the energy of change by opening to who you are here to be and allowing that to guide your decisions, the external stuff becomes insignificant. Why? Because you transcend it. You enter a flow state that enables you to live happier. That means you can see the bigger picture more clearly. And you attract that which you really want into your daily experience.And 

I’ve spent decades studying and working with intense insights to create transformational results in life and business. I’ve discovered there is a direct path to happiness that, ironically, means learning things that seem indirectly related to happiness. Things like:

There is power in personal truth that supercharges creating conscious change. 

There are two core wounds that, when addressed, can change everything. 

Your lens of perception determines your daily reality.

Who you are here to be yearns for expression and becomes intolerant to being contained.

Change happens anyway; being proactive means you can get more of what you really want.

You can see each of those teachings is worthy of perusal. And I’ve been called to teach transformation through intense insights.

That’s why I am compelled to come out of my self-imposed retreat to share this universal wisdom… so you don’t have to go through unnecessary rigors of discovery to live happier. (Notice I said ‘unnecessary’—that’s because growth requires discomfort. But these teachings can help you handle them with grace, ease, and even joy along the way.)

This pre-recorded video—The Power of Personal Truth and Clear Perception—is the first in a series. Consider it a ‘taste test’ of what’s to come in the rest of Grow You! The Breathtakingly Direct Way to be Happier.

You should know I don’t like wasting time talking about me… I prefer to focus on universal truths and conversations that matter to you living your best life. That means this lesson is about delivering relevant value you can use starting now, for just $7. (Why even charge for it then? Because people follow their money… your investment means you are more likely to follow through on watching the video or at least reading the transcript.)

I look forward to being your Catalyst for change.

Purchase Lesson One now ($7) to explore growing through change for happiness...

A sneak peek for the rest of this mini-series…  

Video 2: The Four Freedoms and Frameworks… this video teaching focuses on what types of transformation are available to you as well as the four freedoms that enable greater happiness. We’ll talk about how to get past your logical mind, which will try to block you from making big changes. And we’ll also take a look at how to see beyond your current obvious “reality” into seeing the greater set-up for happiness that already exists in your life.

Video 3: Life Patterns That Limit Happiness… this teaching focuses on how to see the life patterns that underlie your life as it is now. By surfacing the five realms of life patterns you could be experiencing, you can decode how you create your reality by default. This is the key to breaking through your comfort zone into new levels of happiness.

Video 4: Energy Principles to Support Happiness… this teaching will focus on five key universal principles that, once you know them, can help you shift your lens of perception and claim the power of your personal truths in almost any situation so you can enjoy more freedom and reveal more pivot points for your happiness.

Here’s to your happiness! :+)