Lynn Scheurell

Introductory 1:1 Lynn Spin

Get Clarity for Actionable Insights

Increased Purpose

Greater Happiness

New Freedom

Cut through the noise to align with and express your personal truth so you can get better results with less effort.


Bypass your logical mind to get new answers


Transcend the boxes of your comfort zones


Expand your possibilities for self-sovereignty

Fresh Perspective Changes Everything

Having worked with energy-saturated entrepreneurs for years to support their next-level growth, I have seen powerful transformation happen very quickly. It happens when my clients make the connection between inner landscape and outer experience for alignment with their personal truths. This alignment empowers self-sovereignty in making the right decisions for them vs. anybody else. The result is feeling more purposeful, getting out of their own way, prioritizing more effectively to get out of overwhelm, and to do better from wherever they are in life and business. By investing in yourself through our work together, you can gain insightful clarity, enhanced perspective, new options, and a greater sense of happiness. All that allows you to serve your ideal clients through your business more effectively and with greater ease. Take me for a “Lynn Spin” to see for yourself. 

What to expect


You become aware that where you are is in stark contrast to where you want to be... the more raw and the more painful, the closer your breakthrough.


You reach a point where what 'is' is unacceptable. There is an emotional threshold that you must cross to create new results. The is NOW.


You realize-in a moment-what is no longer working and what is required for your new state of being. It is the a-ha moment that changes everything.


You have what you need to claim your crown, your self-sovereignty, your next level of inner success for what you want to experience in the outer world.

In the words of my clients...

I chose to work with Lynn after hearing her speak at an event. My business was stalled after eight years of doing what people told me to do to grow my business, and I didn’t know why. In just one conversation with Lynn, I realized my old beliefs around how I “should” build my business were not serving me. Within a few months of working with Lynn, I made a profit for the first time ever in my business. 

Carrie Mayes, D.C.


Even though our business is almost 15 years old with lots of credibility, I have always benefited from working with Lynn. Her powerful insights and our high-level brainstorming always create new possibilities-in a fun and enlightening fashion. She has helped me identify barriers so they could get handled and flesh out ideas that have saved me time and energy. Lynn brings an intuitive perspective and an influx of fresh energy that yields powerful new results.

Michael Angier

How It Works

I am focused on fast, practical results. After working with clients for many years in hundreds of businesses all over the world, I know how to assess and articulate what is needed for you to get results. Sometimes people want me to jump into reading every situation in just this first session, which is just not possible.

My intention is to give you as much as I possibly can in this session. If we do get on a roll and you want to keep going, we can go up to an hour longer with each 30-minute increment being another $99. (Note: this is a special introductory rate that does not apply after we have worked together.)

At the end of this session, I will ask if you’d like to know how to continue working together. That is NOT an obligation! It is simply an invitation to see if you’d like to learn more so you can make an informed decision.

The end goal is to make sure you know what you want, are aware of your own potential and are aligned with having the vision you have for your life and business for accelerated results. It’s really that simple. 

You should know I stand behind my work. If you do not believe you have received value from our session by the end of our session, I will send your money back to you and we will part as friends.

I look forward to working with you. :+)