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Intro Lynn Spin

I’m Looking to Meet and Help More of My Dream Clients…
And I Figure the Best Way To Do That Is To Actually Do What I Do!

If you want…
… to bypass your logical mind to get to new answers,
… to transcend the boxes of your comfort zones,
… to expand your possibilities and step into your power in new ways,

Then we should talk.

The gain for you is a feeling of lightness, freedom and renewed optimism about activating potential in new ways.

The gain for me is to help entrepreneurs, consultants and business professionals to have the life and business they want by accessing their personal power and insights. This means identifying – and even resolving – what’s in the way (usually a repetitive pattern, an energy deficiency or non-serving thoughts adopted from others).

(Note: I only work with up to 2 new clients at a time, which leaves very few openings in my schedule.)

You can take me for a ‘Lynn Spin’ – a 1:1 30-minute virtual (phone or Skype) session – where your amazing-ness (vs. my opinions or preconceived program) leads us to your next best level.

In just 30 minutes, we can do a lot, like what happened with:
• Sheila, who finally dialed into her life purpose and next-level vision for her business. This gave her the framework to revamp her brand and share her achievements more powerfully.
• Ronnie, who realized his gifts could be applied in a corporate job for stability while building his business. This insight allowed him to stop resisting his day-to-day responsibilities and see how they are helping him become ‘more’.
• Jena, who discovered that her lifetime career of 25 years was not serving her and it was time to follow her passion for coaching women into success. This catapulted her into taking action in building a website, a brand and a community.
The list goes on and on.
If you want to evolve yourself and your business to give you more freedom, you need fresh perspective. Our work together can give you that.

Lynn Scheurell and Client



    Your to-do list is never-ending and unrewarding. You can’t remember when you felt inspired.


    Things are not going well but you can’t put a finger on it. You keep going with the flow, hoping to get a sign on what should be next.


    You feel trapped in your life, business and relationships. You need a change but don’t know exactly what that would be much less how to do it.


    Things are going well but you know they could be even better. You want to know what you can do to have even more of what you want.

Which of those sounds most like you?

Whichever it is, the good news is that I can help you ‘read’ what’s going on so you can understand the circumstances, relationships and opportunities in your world with fresh awareness. In turn, such insight supports you in clarifying your next action steps so you accelerate your results and feel more freedom.



This is about saving you stress, confusion and the most precious asset you have… time.
There is never enough time – why spend any more of it where you don’t have to? Get clarity and get moving!

This 30-minute session is offered at a very special rate for new clients – $99.

Once your payment is received, either me or one of my team will reach out to arrange our session time at your convenience.

We will meet by phone (and I can record our session as an mp3 for later) or Skype (in which case you record our session).

During our time together, we’ll look at an issue, situation or question that you have so we can explore the greater truth and invitation for growth available to you in the moment.

I don’t know what we will be talking about (obviously). One of my clients describes my work as being a master teacher who shows up to work with a new student in an unfamiliar classroom without knowing the curriculum, the tools, the resources or the end goal – and yet, it’s always what it needs to be in each session.

This is a co-creative dialogue, which means we are doing this together. Since 1998, I have never had a client walk away from this session without an a-ha or breakthrough; if you are the first, then know that I stand behind my work and will make it right.


I am focused on fast, practical results. After working with clients for 19 years in hundreds of businesses all over the world, I know how to assess and articulate what is needed for you to get results.

Sometimes people want me to jump into reading every situation in just this first session, which is just not possible. My intention is to give you as much as I possibly can in this session. If we do get on a roll and you want to keep going, we can go up to an hour longer with each 30-minutes increment being another $99.

After this session, I will ask if you’d like to know how to continue working together. That is NOT an obligation! It is simply an invitation to see if you’d like to learn more so you can make an informed decision.

The end goal is to make sure you know what you want, are aware of your own potential and are aligned with having the vision you have for your life and business for accelerated results.

It’s really that simple.

Lynn Scheurell 0917

I Am Not For Everyone!

The clients who best benefit from working with me are intelligent, visionary and apply what they learn as quickly as reasonably possible. They have done the seminars, read the books and have pursued self-growth so that their ‘basic’ issues are handled (at least on a preliminary level).

Beyond that, here are some key points that can help you determine if I am the right intuitive advisor for you.

1. You have at least 3 years of business or professional experience. I’m not for ‘newbies’. If you’re already in motion and looking for a way to accelerate your results, then there is a reason for us to talk.

2. You need to know that what I offer is not available just anywhere. It has taken me 25 years and nearly $100,000 in studies to accumulate the insights, knowledge and processes I use to get profound insights quickly and be able to communicate them to you effectively.

3. Time is not how to measure the value you receive. We are conditioned to think that more time means we got more value; however, the exact opposite is what’s true. Sophisticated results delivered in minimal time allow you to have more of the one priceless asset each of us has – your time.

4. You must be open to learning from a fresh perspective. If you already know everything, then there is no point for us to work together. (That only makes sense, right?)

That’s it – if you meet ALL of those requirements, we’re good.

What to Do Next…

If you meet that criteria, and you’d like to have a conversation that is designed to bring you fresh insights and the potential for accelerated results (depending on what you do with what you learn), then I would love to work with you.

In that case, please click the payment button and then watch your email to schedule our time together.

Whether we work together or not, I am honored that you took the time to get to know a bit about me and my work. And when you decide that it’s right we work together, I’m honored to be a resource for you.

With good energy ~


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